Reporting System


Experience has shown us that a service oriented company can offer the best service possible, but still not satisfy a clients needs due too breakdowns in communications. For this reason, All Pest Solutions has devised a reporting system designed for use in facilities such as yours. This detailed system is a series of forms and reports that outline key parts of your service. The following paragraphs explain the part each plays in the system:

Service Specifications

This tab is used to summarize pest covered under agreement, Areas of service, any special requirements and Known Health and Safety Hazards present in each facility.


D.C.L.'S (Departmental Check Lists) will be made up by our staff during the initial service. They are used to list every area of the facility that is to be serviced on a regular basis.  By using these lists, both the client and All Pest Solutions are aware of the areas that require service and both benefit in the following ways:  a) the client is assured that service is being carried out as per the agreed service schedule. b) We are able to provide effective service, should the regular technician be unable to perform the service at any time (any technician can us the D.C.L.'s to familiarize themselves with the facility).

Quality Control Inspections specifically dedicated to monitoring service and to assure that it is being conducted in legal, effective and professional manner for all clientele. This way, you are assured of receiving the highest possible quality of service available and are getting excellent value for your investment in the program.

Pest Control Sighting Log A sighting log will be utilized for all areas of the facility.  They are designed to be used by client's staff in order to ascertain any areas that infestation is seen between regular service visits. By detailing where pest sightings occur, your staff can bring potential problems to our technician's attention so that they can be handled quickly and effectively.

Service Reports

This report is used by our service technicians to report infestation levels found during their inspections, action taken by them (including types and amounts of pesticides applied), action requested to be taken by the client (including any housekeeping or proofing recommendation that can directly impact infestation levels), plus details of time spent carrying out the service and an area to be signed by the technician and countersigned by the clients representative.

Compliance Requirements

This tab is used to store all legal documents such as our Business License, Technician Pest Control License, Insurance Certificates, Inspection Report Correspondence Letters, Rentokil Key Staff Phone Numbers and a CD Rom with Material Safety Data Sheets and Labels.  These documents will be kept up on a regular basis.