Integrated Pest Management


PM for Cockroach Control

The Rentokil Advantage is an intensive program involving the strategic placement of monitors, baits and physical control devices. The cornerstone of the program is a diligent inspection by the Rentokil technician on each visit to each facility. This method eliminates the common practice of spraying pesticides in an area where employees and foodstuffs may be adversely affected. All experts now recommend the limited use of pesticides whenever possible. Our technician will use baits, which are less toxic, wherever appropriate. This program is known as Integrated Pest Management.

The basic idea behind IPM is pest maintenance using the least amount of pesticides possible. An IPM program is simply an environmentally sound and sensible method of pest control. A successful IPM program will incorporate five unified and interrelated principles: inspection, sanitation, non-pesticidal tools, exclusion and pesticides.

IPM & Rodent Control

Integrated Pest Management is a comprehensive program for rodent control. IPM looks at the total approach to controlling mice and rats, and fits the various elements together into a complete program.

IPM stresses sanitation - getting rid of debris and rodent harborages. This reduces rodents' food supplies and nesting places. Another key is exclusion, or keeping rodents out of buildings by sealing potential entryways. Rentokil technicians will make these recommendations in our Pestcheck Action Report.

While these two steps will help reduce infestations, a complete rodent control program calls for selecting and using the right rodent control devices to eliminate infestation.

All Pest Solutions Pest Control proposes to use the following devices for rodent control: Rodenticide Baits (exterior only), glue boards, mechanical mouse traps and tamper resistant bait stations. Each mechanical mousetrap will be equipped with a sticker showing maintenance dates for accountability. Replacement of damaged or missing equipment originally installed by Rentokil will be made and invoiced at current rates.


A trained and certified Pestcheck Technician will carefully inspect your facility during each visit. With detailed inspection, pest infestation can be controlled and eliminated before a problem arises. If the technician detects an infestation, they will take the proper steps in controlling the problem.

It is imperative that both Rentokil Pest Control and your staff have open communication for a proper IPM program to be conducted. Rentokil service technician will make recommendations upon inspection.


It's impossible to eliminate all the resources that allow pests to proliferate in an urban environment. However, extraneous residues of food products and water can often be controlled and structural defects must be constantly repaired. Minimizing these sought after resources will help to keep pest populations low. In IPM, sanitation means minimizing food, water and harborage.

Non-pesticidal Tools

Monitoring devices will be placed discreetly in strategic locations throughout. These monitoring devices are checked and dated upon each visit by the service technician. Monitoring devices are extremely important for the IPM program. The use of glueboards allows us to pinpoint problem areas if a pest infestation should occur.


Upon inspection, if the service technician finds an area that would provide an insect harborage they will suggest the use caulks and sealers to exclude those areas. Our technicians with your approval can close small areas. With the exclusion of these areas, it will make it less likely that a pest infestation will arise.


In the event that chemical usage is deemed appropriate, Rentokil will restrict chemical usage to materials on the approved chemical list. All insecticides used by our company have been registered with the EPA and will be applied in strict adherence with label directions and State restrictions. Our employees are knowledgeable concerning pest control laws and practices, assuring the client of proper mixtures, dilutions and disposal methods.

"Quality Control" System

Communication, along with quality, is what we believe separates All Pest Solutions from the other pest control companies. Along with all of the required reports, we will carry out a routine Quality Assurance Inspection once every other month. This inspection will be carried out by a Service supervisor, Commercial Account Representative or Branch Manager, it is designed to ensure All Pest Solutions’s standard of quality.

The Inspection Report and Correspondence Letter will be completed each Quality Assurance Inspection. A pre-audit inspection can be done at any time by our company prior to any anticipated inspections by any regulatory enforcement agencies or outside quality control auditors by giving us at least a three-day notice.

In Service Meetings

This program is designed to work in concert with the staff at The Valley Hospital. The Rentokil Team is available to educate your staff on pest biology and how pests can have an effect in the work environment. We will create a schedule in advance at least on a quarterly bases or more frequent as needed.